Prime Capital Holding

Kazakhstan’s leading private equity investor with diversified assets base and presence in real estate, medical services, wholesale markets, trading, natural resources, services sectors.

Prime Capital Holding today is a value investor in companies and real assets and have significant distress investment experience.

Our proprietary relationships with key industry experts and a large number of partners, our track record, and market position help us generate broad and exclusive pipeline of projects across Kazakhstan and Central Asia region.

We are solution-based provider of long-term capital that is willing to work in a flexible format with its partners.

«Prime Capital Holding takes an active role in advising its portfolio companies and helping their management to deliver on their goals and to provide support where needed.

We bring our collective experience to support our portfolio companies from financial, legal and operational perspective.»

Our experience

Uniquely qualified team of professionals with deep knowledge and experience in finance, M&A, strategy consulting and investments. We cherish entrepreneurial approach and mentality.

Prime Capital Holding provides post-deal management to help grow portfolio companies and deliver robust returns on investment capital.

We provide patient capital to companies with great potential and those who plans to bring in projects in otherwise difficult capital markets situation where access to debt or public equity is limited.

What we do

Principal investments

Principal investments

Prime Capital Holding takes an active role in advising its portfolio companies and partners, while helping management to deliver on its goals and provide support where needed.

Having a flexible mandate and an investment strategy of building regional market leaders in their respective fields, we try to leverage our reach across Central Asia and Kazakhstan to pick long-lasting attractive themes and commit capital to achieve stable long-term returns.

Private Equity

Private Equity

Our private equity funds unit is an investment platform that allow our institutional and private clients and partners to deploy capital in Central Asia and Kazakhstan in the most efficient way. We strive to uncover investment opportunities in the region in a disciplined and balanced manner.

Our approach is to invest in growth-oriented businesses in specific sectors that has asymmetric return profile to regional exposure and its macroeconomic situation.